Apprentices & Trainees

Queensland Rail is a diverse workforce and provides several Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities across our Queensland locations. These roles will proactively develop your skills and knowledge in order to excel in a trade/business area through completing on-the-job training and formal training with a registered training organisation.

As a Queensland Rail trainee and employee, you’ll be supported, encouraged and mentored while performing meaningful work and contributing to the successful operation of our business. The exciting apprenticeship and traineeship options at Queensland Rail include:



The 4-year apprenticeship program will enable you to develop your skills, gain experience and expand your knowledge with new challenges and opportunities along the way.

The program will involve a great mix of onsite, off-site and TAFE training. Candidates will need to have completed Year 10 prior to commencing the apprenticeship program.

Apprenticeship - Electrician

Electrical apprentices will learn to install and maintain electrical components, wiring, equipment and systems and may rotate through a variety of specialised areas of the rail industry. Specific areas of our business where an Electrician’s skills are developed include: Telecommunications, Rail Traction, Rollingstock Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Signalling Systems, Cabling Systems and Plant Servicing.

Apprenticeship - Mechanical

Mechanical Apprenticeships include Mechanical Fitters and / or Turners and also Diesel Fitters. Apprentices would be involved to assist in repair, servicing and maintenance duties while working with one or more of the following types of Queensland Rail assets: rollingstock, heavy earthmoving and/or rail track maintenance machinery, small to medium diesel engines, heavy lift vehicles and stationary plant equipment.

Apprenticeship – Plumber / Carpenter

As an apprentice Plumber or Carpenter, under guidance you will assist and be involved with the maintenance and repairs to Queensland Rails Facilities and Heritage assets (houses, depots, stations, equipment rooms)

Plumber: You will gain substantial knowledge of plumbing work in accordance with the National Construction Code and Queensland Plumbing Codes, regulations and as well as learning to read plans, drawings and specifications

Carpenter: You will develop skills and knowledge required for the rail environment and gain associated trade qualifications through on-the-job training and formal training courses.



Traineeship - Transport & Logistics

Queensland Rail offers a range of Traineeships within Transport and Logistics, some of which are tailored specifically to the needs of operating a railway. Specific job roles may include Materials Officer, Network Maintainer, Network Controller, Network Planner, Train Driver and Train Guard.

Traineeship - Business

Traineeships may be offered within the following business areas: Administration, Finance / Accounts, Human Resources, Record Keeping, Legal, Project Management.

Traineeship - Asset Maintenance

Trainees will gain skills in an industrial and/or commercial environment and may work within our stations and facilities or be involved in the presentation of our suburban and long-distance travel trains.

Traineeship – Systems Maintainer

Assist in the maintenance and installation of mechanical Trackside Systems equipment and infrastructure as required. At the end of successfully completing the training program, a Certificate III in Mechanical Rail Signalling will be obtained.

Traineeship – Train Controller

As a Trainee Train Controller, you will learn to control, coordinate and record the movement of trains and on–track vehicles across the Queensland Rail network. The role provides a specific training pathway to become a qualified Train Controller with Queensland Rail.  Training encompasses intensive 25-week training program with classroom-based learning and on the job

Trainee Drive & Trainee Guard

For more information on Trainee Driver and Trainee Guard positions please go to the Meet Our People menu located at the top right hand side of this page and visit the Trainee Driver & Trainee Guard page.               

How do I apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship with Queensland Rail?

In order to be considered for either an apprenticeship or traineeship with Queensland Rail, you will need to submit an application when a role is advertised. We do not have regular intakes scheduled for these positions and they can be advertised at any time. Unfortunately, we do not know when the next intake will be.

We recommend signing up for Queensland Rail job alerts that way you will receive notifications relating to Queensland Rail’s career opportunities that interest you. Please go to Job Alerts for information on how to set alerts.