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   We’ll connect you to an
   amazing career.


Why choose the Queensland Rail Graduate Program?

          Queensland Rail is built on true connection. And everything we
          achieve is made possible by you.

          As a graduate, you’ll shape a career you never expected. From
          our varied and exciting graduate experiences to real support and
          mentorship, you’ll have the opportunity to make a lasting impact
          on the rail industry, on Queensland and on your future.

Purpose that Counts

       Want to make a difference? As a graduate at Queensland
       Rail, you can.
       So much of what you’ll do here is about the everyday. The
       daily commute.  The freight train linking regional
       communities.  You’ll be surprised by how much those
       moments matter. And in every graduate role, you’ll feel
       a true connection to the impact you make on lives - every
       moment, every day.

       You’ll also be part of the bigger picture. From Cross River
       Rail to the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, you’ll have
       opportunities to work on or support interesting, innovative
       projects. That means incredible things for your career.
       And as we grow and evolve alongside Queensland, you’ll
       know your contribution really counts.

People who Count

       What fuels our people is the connection they have with each
       other. The true support they get and give, every day. Here,
       you’ll work with experienced, down-to-earth people who will
       help you learn the ropes. And through our formal mentoring
       program and networking events with other graduates, you’ll
       build genuine relationships that will last.

       We’re a team of thousands and we’re proud of our individual,
       diverse journeys and stories. And as we grow, we need more
       diverse backgrounds and perspectives than ever before. Our
       future focuses on building an even greater organisation
       where everyone can thrive. Find out how you can get
       involved in our D&I journey here:   Diversity and Inclusion

Progress that Counts

       Your journey matters. Make it with us.

       We’re proud of every graduate who has built their career
       here. For some, it’s about getting exposure to a diverse
       range of work - you might be rotating through our business,
       supporting an exciting project or connecting regional
       communities. Others really love gaining new knowledge
       and experience through our Essential Skills program.
       At Queensland Rail, the opportunity is what you make it
       - and everything you learn will set you and your career apart.


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