Our 1Team Values

We define values at Queensland Rail as the core beliefs that lie at the heart of our organisation and direct the way in which people behave. Our values:

  • provide the framework which guides all of our decisions
  • define our culture and are visible through our behavior
  • are central to effective leadership and good management
  • enable our team to work together positively and towards shared goals
  • underpin our future success


1 Queensland Rail – Be one business and performance based organisation

  • We work together to achieve our objectives and do what we say we are going to do.

Treat each other with respect – Be open, honest, supportive

  • We all have a voice and a part to play by sharing information, respecting, supporting and trusting each other.  

Enjoy what we do – Be positive, involved, enthusiastic

  • We work together to bring humour and fun to each day and enjoy what we do.

Act Safely – Be aware, prepared, accountable

  • We look out for each other, our customers and ourselves so that no one gets hurt.

Make a difference – be innovative, adaptable and resourceful

  • We encourage new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. We make it simple and treat every situation as a learning opportunity.