Signal Asset Renewal

Our Signal Asset Renewal business area construct, procure, install, test and commission asset upgrades and also install new signalling equipment and interlocking systems throughout the Queensland Rail Network across the state. 

Current Opportunity: Senior Signal Construction Engineer 

This is a permanent opportunity that is a crucial component to the success of the Signal Asset Renewal team and assists in renewing the future of the Rail Signalling System in Queensland.

Within this role you will develop and build on your specialist set of skills in testing and commissioning rail signalling infrastructure across a wide variety of different signal manufacturers equipment and systems, as well as work with a team of Signalling Electrical and Mechanical staff in both the field and office environments.

Your areas of focus will be in developing the Testing & Commissioning plans, documentation and strategy relating to:

  • Renewing critical rail signalling control interlockings
  • Level crossing installations
  • Points turnouts
  • Signal upgrades
  • Circuit Modifications
  • Signalling Power Equipment distribution
  • Applying floating earth system


We encourage the conception of tailored testing strategies and documentation to ensure Queensland Rail are efficiently delivering project outcomes while upholding the expected signalling standards and principles. 

Collaboratively you will work with the Signal Planning team to define testing requirements and schedule the delivery of multiple project work schedules within specific rail corridor closures in SEQ and Regional areas.

You will also have the opportunity to mentor and develop signal testing skills in junior test staff and participants of the Queensland Rail Graduate Engineer program.

We are looking for Rail Signalling Professionals offering a strong knowledge of:

  • Signalling safe working principles, practices and procedures 
  • Testing, commissioning practices and procedures
  • Temporary signalling alterations and control circuit analysis


In addition, we are seeking experience and strong knowledge of project management principles and critical path analysis, the effect on the construction of signalling systems and equipment together with the knowledge of financial management analysis and budgetary control techniques.

This opportunity requires either an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering (or higher) or an IRSE TIC Licence will also be accepted.

To view the Position Description for this opportunity, please click here.  

If you feel you have the relevant experience and would like to discuss further, please contact Candis Hockins via