Trainee Driver

The role of Train Driver is highly responsible and sought-after and is pivotal in enabling us to connect communities by transporting our customers safely and efficiently across our network. To achieve this, you must be someone who can demonstrate that you:

  • are responsible for the safety of your train and customers
  • are customer focused and can manage conflict
  • care about what you do and like to make a difference
  • can remain focused and deliver in high pressure situations
  • are fluent in spoken and written English
  • are resilient and can adapt to changing environments
  • can work as a team to deliver outcomes and solve problems
  • are committed to continuous improvement and ongoing learning and development
  • are aligned to Queensland Rail’s values and behaviours

The key responsibilities as a Train Driver include:

  • driving all forms of trains operated at the depot competently in accordance with safety and operational standards and procedures;
  • applying agreed train management techniques competently which include knowledge of Queensland Rail’s network rules and procedures;
  • maintaining route knowledge and re-accrediting as required;
  • applying professional driving standards and maintaining situational awareness;
  • providing quality customer service and demonstrating a one team approach;
  • understanding and working in accordance with Enterprise Agreement conditions, policies and procedures relevant to your role;
  • contributing to service delivery performance and continuous improvement;
  • dealing with critical incidents and/or emergency situations; and
  • signing-on at designated locations across the SEQ network and familiarising yourself with relevant documentation.

Train Drivers may experience near collisions and/or traumatic events and play a vital role as part of the overall incident and response management. Queensland Rail provides support services to ensure the health and wellbeing of our traincrew.


How do I become a Trainee Driver?

In order to be considered for a Trainee Driver position, you will need to submit an application when a role is advertised. We do not have regular intakes scheduled for these positions and they can be advertised at any time. Unfortunately, we do not know when the next intake will be.

We recommend signing up for Queensland Rail job alerts that way you will receive notifications relating to Queensland Rail’s career opportunities that interest you. Please go to Job Alerts section for information on how to set alerts.


Are there any courses / qualifications that can help in my application to be a Trainee Driver?

As these are Trainee roles, Queensland Rail has a specific training pathway which identifies the range of modules Drivers & Guards need to be competent including theoretical training and practical and competency-based training. This training is tailored and specific to Queensland Rail and in conducted in-house upon the successful appointment into a Trainee Driver role.